Programmes SOREC: Transforming Morocco’s Equestrian Industry


The Moroccan Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Horse, known as SOREC (Société Royale d’Encouragement du Cheval), is at the forefront of advancing the equestrian industry in Morocco. Through its various initiatives, SOREC is transforming the landscape of horse breeding, racing, and equestrian sports in the country. This blog post will delve deep into the multifaceted efforts and programmes SOREC has implemented to elevate Morocco’s equestrian sector.

The Genesis of SOREC and Its Vision

SOREC was established with a mission to promote and develop Morocco’s equestrian industry. From its inception, the organization’s primary focus has been on improving the quality of horse breeding and fostering a thriving equestrian culture. The programmes SOREC introduced have been instrumental in realizing this vision, emphasizing sustainable growth and international competitiveness.

Key Objectives of Programmes SOREC

The programmes SOREC operates are designed to achieve several key objectives. These include enhancing the genetic quality of Moroccan horses, promoting equestrian sports, developing equestrian tourism, and supporting the economic viability of the equine industry. By aligning their initiatives with these objectives, programmes SOREC play a pivotal role in the sector’s growth.

Enhancing Horse Breeding Practices

One of the cornerstone efforts of programmes SOREC is the enhancement of horse breeding practices. By implementing rigorous breeding standards and providing support to breeders, SOREC ensures the production of high-quality horses. These programmes SOREC have led to significant improvements in the genetic stock of Moroccan horses, making them competitive on an international scale.

Promoting Equestrian Sports

SOREC’s commitment to promoting equestrian sports is evident through its various initiatives. Programmes SOREC include organizing national and international horse racing events, show jumping competitions, and other equestrian activities. These events not only provide a platform for showcasing Moroccan equine talent but also attract international attention and participation.

Development of Equestrian Tourism

Recognizing the potential of equestrian tourism, programmes SOREC have dedicated efforts towards developing this niche. By creating equestrian centers and promoting horse riding tours, SOREC aims to attract tourists who have a passion for horses and equestrian activities. This focus on equestrian tourism also contributes to the local economy and promotes cultural exchange.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

The economic impact of programmes SOREC extends beyond the equestrian sector. By fostering a robust equine industry, SOREC contributes to job creation and economic development in rural areas. The growth of horse breeding farms, training centers, and equestrian events generates employment opportunities and stimulates local economies.

Educational and Training Initiatives

Education and training are integral components of programmes SOREC. The organization offers training programs for breeders, trainers, and jockeys to enhance their skills and knowledge. By investing in human capital, SOREC ensures that the equestrian industry has a pool of skilled professionals who can contribute to its sustained growth.

Research and Development

Innovation is key to the success of programmes SOREC. The organization invests in research and development to improve horse health, breeding techniques, and performance. Collaborations with academic institutions and research centers enable SOREC to stay at the forefront of scientific advancements in the equestrian field.

International Collaboration and Recognition

Programmes SOREC have garnered international recognition and collaboration. By participating in global equestrian events and forging partnerships with international equestrian bodies, SOREC enhances Morocco’s reputation in the global equestrian community. These collaborations also facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Future Aspirations and Strategic Goals

Looking ahead, programmes SOREC have ambitious plans for the future. These include expanding their initiatives, enhancing the infrastructure for equestrian activities, and continuing to promote Morocco as a premier destination for equestrian sports and tourism. By setting strategic goals, SOREC aims to sustain and amplify its impact on the equestrian industry.


The programmes SOREC are a testament to the organization’s dedication to transforming Morocco’s equestrian industry. Through a comprehensive approach that includes breeding, sports promotion, tourism development, and educational initiatives, SOREC is creating a vibrant and sustainable equestrian ecosystem. The continued success of these programs promises a bright future for the equine sector in Morocco.


1.What is the main objective of programmes SOREC?

The main objective of programmes SOREC is to enhance the quality of horse breeding, promote equestrian sports, develop equestrian tourism, and support the economic viability of the equine industry in Morocco.

2.How does SOREC support horse breeders?

SOREC supports horse breeders through rigorous breeding standards, financial assistance, training programs, and access to advanced breeding techniques to improve the genetic quality of horses.

3.What types of equestrian events does SOREC organize?

Programmes SOREC include organizing national and international horse racing events, show jumping competitions, and various other equestrian sports activities to promote the industry and showcase Moroccan talent.

4.How does SOREC contribute to the local economy?

SOREC contributes to the local economy by creating job opportunities in the equine sector, stimulating rural economies through the development of horse breeding farms, training centers, and promoting equestrian tourism.

5.What are SOREC’s future plans?

SOREC’s future plans include expanding their initiatives, enhancing infrastructure for equestrian activities, and promoting Morocco as a premier destination for equestrian sports and tourism, ensuring sustained growth and international recognition.

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