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Sorec Ma, short for Société Royale d’Encouragement du Cheval, is a key player in the equestrian world, particularly in Morocco. This organization is dedicated to the development and promotion of horse racing and breeding in the region. This blog post delves deep into Sorec Ma, exploring its history, operations, achievements, and its impact on the equestrian industry in Morocco.

The History of Sorec Ma

Sorec Ma was established in 2003, with the primary aim of revitalizing and managing the horse racing and breeding sector in Morocco. Over the years, Sorec Ma has played a crucial role in modernizing the industry, introducing new technologies, and implementing international standards to ensure the growth and sustainability of horse racing and breeding in the country.

The Mission and Vision of Sorec Ma

Sorec Ma operates with a clear mission and vision. Its mission is to develop and manage the equestrian sector, ensuring its sustainability and competitiveness. The vision of Sorec Ma is to make Morocco a leading nation in horse racing and breeding, known for excellence and innovation.

Organizational Structure of Sorec Ma

The organizational structure of Sorec Ma is designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in its operations. The organization is divided into various departments, each responsible for different aspects of the equestrian sector. This includes departments for breeding, racing, training, and marketing, all working together to achieve the goals of Sorec Ma.

Sorec Ma’s Role in Horse Breeding

One of the primary roles of Sorec Ma is in horse breeding. The organization manages several stud farms and breeding centers, where they implement best practices in horse breeding. Sorec Ma is committed to improving the quality of horses in Morocco, ensuring that they meet international standards and are competitive on the global stage.

Horse Racing Management by Sorec Ma

Sorec Ma is also responsible for managing horse racing events in Morocco. The organization oversees the planning, organization, and execution of these events, ensuring they are conducted in a fair and professional manner. Sorec Ma’s efforts have led to the growth of horse racing as a popular sport in Morocco, attracting participants and spectators from around the world.

Training Programs by Sorec Ma

Training is another critical area where Sorec Ma focuses its efforts. The organization offers various training programs for jockeys, trainers, and other professionals in the equestrian industry. These programs are designed to improve skills and knowledge, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to excel in their respective roles.

Sorec Ma’s Contribution to the Economy

Sorec Ma has a significant impact on the Moroccan economy. The equestrian sector contributes to job creation, tourism, and economic development. Sorec Ma’s initiatives have helped create numerous job opportunities in breeding farms, racing tracks, and related businesses, boosting the local economy.

Technological Innovations by Sorec Ma

In its quest for excellence, Sorec Ma embraces technological innovations. The organization has introduced various technologies to improve the breeding and racing processes. This includes the use of advanced breeding techniques, data analytics for race management, and digital platforms for betting and event management.

Sorec Ma’s International Collaborations

Sorec Ma has established several international collaborations to enhance its operations and achieve its goals. These partnerships with global equestrian organizations allow Sorec Ma to exchange knowledge, adopt best practices, and promote Moroccan horses on the international stage.

Challenges Faced by Sorec Ma

Despite its successes, Sorec Ma faces several challenges. These include maintaining high standards in breeding and racing, dealing with competition from other countries, and ensuring the welfare of horses. Sorec Ma continuously works to address these challenges, implementing strategies to overcome them and achieve its objectives.

The Future of Sorec Ma

The future of Sorec Ma looks promising. The organization has ambitious plans to further develop the equestrian sector in Morocco. This includes expanding its breeding and training programs, hosting more international events, and continuing to innovate and adopt new technologies.

How to Get Involved with Sorec Ma

For those interested in getting involved with Sorec Ma, there are several opportunities. Whether you are a breeder, trainer, jockey, or simply an equestrian enthusiast, Sorec Ma offers various programs and events where you can participate and contribute to the growth of the equestrian sector in Morocco.


Sorec Ma plays a pivotal role in the equestrian industry in Morocco. Through its dedication to horse breeding, racing, training, and technological innovation, Sorec Ma has significantly contributed to the development and modernization of the sector. As it continues to grow and evolve, Sorec Ma remains committed to its mission of making Morocco a leading nation in horse racing and breeding.


1. What is Sorec Ma?

Sorec Ma, or Société Royale d’Encouragement du Cheval, is an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of horse racing and breeding in Morocco.

2. When was Sorec Ma established?

Sorec Ma was established in 2003 with the aim of revitalizing the equestrian sector in Morocco.

3. What are the main roles of Sorec Ma?

Sorec Ma’s main roles include managing horse breeding, organizing horse racing events, offering training programs, and embracing technological innovations in the equestrian industry.

4. How does Sorec Ma contribute to the economy?

Sorec Ma contributes to the economy by creating job opportunities, boosting tourism, and fostering economic development through the equestrian sector.

5. How can I get involved with Sorec Ma?

You can get involved with Sorec Ma by participating in their breeding and training programs, attending horse racing events, or collaborating with the organization as a breeder, trainer, or jockey.

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